St. Ann's Academy 2301 N. Wasilla Fishhook Road  Wasilla, Alaska 99654
Small School, Big Heart
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Mission Statement: St. Ann's Academy invests in the intellectual and spiritual promise of each student in a community that celebrates diversity and values the dignity of every human being. We challenge students to think critically and creatively, to know themselves as learners, and to govern their lives with confidence, compassion and integrity.


"To live is to think." Cicero

Tuition and Fees

Registration Packets available at the school or can be mailed to you directly.


Registration  2016-2017

Fee Information

Total Annual Cost per Student: 

                                   $4500.00         As follows:

Tuition:                      $4100.00        Payable of $410.00/mo. (Aug-May), or as lump sum payment.

Supply fee:                    $50.00        Per student; non-refundable. (texts, workbooks, paper, etc)

Registration Fee:        $350.00       Per family; to accompany submission of registration packet;

                                                                   Registration Fee is nonrefundable __________________________________________________________________________________________

Final Tuition $4,100 (This rate is for one student. Tuition rate varies slightly

                                                         depending on number of children, friends and family discount)     

We now have a Friends and Family Referral Bonus!  For each family you refer who attends the

school, your family receives a one month credit toward tuition. The family you refer also receives

a one month credit toward tuition.